Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 11 through Monday, March 22

  • medical clinics, helping over 1000 persons
      Holly Gadd, R.N. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Tony Torres, M.D.
    Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
      Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D.
      Catherine Turner, R.N., Ph.D.
    Southwestern Students:
      Angela Aquilar
      Ira Bartolome, R.N.
      Julie Clapp
      Andre Henderson
      Joan Nunoo
      Richard Shepard
      Anastasia Whitley
      Crystal Williams
    Other Participants:
      Joanne Harris, R.N.
    Bus Master:
      Julio Ramirez

When you are there for the right reason it makes a world of difference
Penny Moore


The group stayed at the Adventist Youth Camp. Conditions were somewhat primitive but after a hard day of work any place to sleep was wonderful, and the ocean is nearby with the cooling night breezes.

In addition to the intense time conducting each of the clinics, there was some "off-time" for the group for shopping, historical site seeing, and simply relaxing in the tropical sun at the beach.

Originally, the group planned to return to SWAU on Sunday, March 21. However, delays in segments of the flight and processing forced a stay in a luxury hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.