Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 8 through Monday, March 19

  • medical clinics, helping over 2000 persons
  • evangelistic series
      Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Tony Torres, M.D.
    Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
      Lolita Valdez, R.N.
    Southwestern Students:
      Shillem Diaz
      Rebecca Herr
      Khandeo Lownniuongsa
      Laticia Medina
      John Sanger
      Jodi Teal
      Michael Torres
      Elena Velazquez
      Jared Wright
    Other Participants:
      Joanne Harris, R.N.
      Ashley Murry
    Bus Master:
      Julio Ramirez

God is in control and I accept whatever happens as long as I'm doing what He wants me to do.
Becca Herr


Leaving at 3:30am on Thursday and traveling all day left the group quite tired! Arrival at the camp was after dark, so not much could be seen, but generally everyone was too tired to be too courious.

This was the third year that the group stayed at the Adventist Youth Camp just west of Santo Domingo.

Friday was a beach day, not by design, but there was a hold-up on the medications so there was some "waiting time" while that was sorted out.

Sabbath was a gorgeous day with the hot sun tempered with a collin breeze. In the afternoon was the first clinic. What an experience! No general announcement was needed. The clinic site was innundated with people who came rushing in when the group arrived.

The next day started late, but there was work to be done in organizing the medications. After a few hours at the beach, in the evening, the first evangelistic meeting was held.

Monday was the second clinic. With experience it went much smoother than the first. The key was controlling the crowd so that the assessment stations were not so crowded.

On Tuesday was another clinic -- this time in a disco bar in San Cristobol. This was followed by another of the evangelistic meetings. The church was small, but the people cramed in to hear about God!

Wednesday was a day off for shopping and enjoying the beach.

Thursday was one of the most strenuous days with a crowded clinic in a limited space. And it was hot with little in the way of a cooling breeze. However, there was still energy for another evangelistic meeting.

Friday was for R&R! The group really did need the break.

Another clinic was scheduled for Sabbath, but it was canceled at the last moment. It was a disappointment to all!

Finally, Sunday was a day to see some of the historical sites ending with a stay in a hotel in Boca Chica, not far from the airport.

Early, oh so early, on Monday morning did our journey back to SWAU begin.