Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 7 through Monday, March 18

  • four medical clinics in the sugar-cane camps (Batey), helping over 1000 persons
  • five evening evangelistic series and "vacation bible school"
  • assisted in building a church

      Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Tony Torres, M.D.
    Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
      Jean Alway, R.N.
      Miriam Fabriga, R.N.
      Catherine Turner, R.N., Ph.D.
      Eudora Williams, R.N.
    Southwestern Students:
      Leandro Bizama
      Paige Briscoe
      Wendy Clayburn
      Jerico Fegale
      Pamela Freeman
      Jennifer Goley
      Jennifer Lea, R.N.
      Jill Thornton, R.N.
    Other Participants:
      Mariaelena Godinez
      Joao Godinez
      Justin Hernandez
      Joe Hopson
      Judy Jameson. Ph.D.
      Jan Miller, M.D.
      Ashley Murry
      Paulette Perkins, R.N.
      Becky Schmidt, R.N.
      Roy Thornton
      Lawrence Turner, Ph.D.
    Bus Master:
      Julio Ramirez

The ministry we do in the Dominican Republic is unique.
Leandro Bizama


The group left SWAU at 3:00am Thursday morning first to DFW in vans then to Miami to Santo Domingo by air and finally to Cabral in southwestern Dominican Republic by bus, arriving about 9:00pm. Tony Torres and Roy Thornton had traveled earlier to purchase medical supplies and make arrangements.

Friday was spent in organizing the medical and other supplies and the first afternoon clinic and evening evangelistic meeting at batey 6. Everyone helped in the clinics and the two theology majors, Leandro and Wendy, led out in the evangelistic meetings.

On Sabbath, the group traveled to the site of the new church and then back to batey 6 for the second afternoon clinic and evening evangelistic meeting.

Sunday was a "day-off" at the beach!

On Monday, the group split with four traveling to the church construction site and the rest of the group off to conduct another afternoon clinic and evening evangelistic meeting.

Tuesday, was a lighter day with shopping and an evening evangelistic meeting.

Wednesday found the group visiting the church building site in the morning and doing the last of the four clinics and last of five evening meetings.

On Thursday, the group traveled to Santo Domingo and visited the first of several historical sites.

Friday morning gave opportunity for shopping with more historical site visits in the afternoon.

After a church service by Tony Torres, the group spent several pleasant hours in the Botanical Gardens.

Sunday, was the last "day-off" with most of the group spending the day at the beach. The students and faculty, of course, found this day of R&R so very necessary since upon arrival back at SWAU classes were once again underway!

Monday started early, 5:30am (3:30am Texas time) to pack the bus, then travel to the airport in Santo Domingo to Miami to DFW, arriving back on-campus about 3:00pm.

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