Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 6 through Monday, March 17

  • medical clinics in the sugar-cane camps (Batey)
  • evening evangelistic series and "vacation bible school"
  • purchase and install a water purifier for a migrant village
  • supply funds for roof of church

      Catherine Turner, R.N., Ph.D. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Eudora WIlliams, R.N. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Tony Torres, M.D.
    Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
      Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D.
      Lolita Valdez, R.N.
    Southwestern Students:
      Anthonia Brass
      Paige Briscoe
      Dacia Earthly, R.N.
      Carolyn Dalton
      Sandi Dexter, R.N.
      Georgianna Gorvie
      Matt Hooten
      Heather Lauer
      Jodi Letniak
      Mabel Mardones
      Claudia Torres
      Daniel Torres
      David Weis
    Other Participants:
      Melody Ball, R.N.
      Vanessa Ball
      Monica Briscoe
      Karl Doerner
      Laurice Durrant, R.N., Ed.D
      Margaret Eustace, R.N.
      Carol Frembling, R.N.
      Curt Frembling
      Sarah Fry
      Mariaelena Godinez
      Joao Godinez
      Joan Hayes, R.N.
      Marge Johnson
      Floyd Miller
      Duane Robison
      Jackie Schoen, R.N.
    Bus Master:
      Julio Ramirez with son Isaac

The Water Purifier was funded by the Rotary Club of Cleburne, TX

For everyone, both participants and the people of the Domincan Republic, these mission trips are life-changing experiences.
Catherine Turner            


The group left SWAU at 10:30am Thursday morning first to DFW in vans then to Miami to Santo Domingo by air. Tony Torres, Karl Doerner, and Floyd Miller had traveled earlier to purchase medical supplies and make arrangements.

Travel to the airport, onto the plane, the flight (with a stop in Miami), and through customs in Santo Domingo went smoothly with no difficulty. The group stayed at a hotel near the airport (east of Santo Domingo) Thursday night.

Friday was a day to change personal money, travel by bus to Cabral (where the group will stay), organize medicines, and generally prepare for the first clinic and Sabbath.

Earlier a water purifier had been installed in another of the villages by the Killeen Seventh-day Adventist area group. The reports are that the health of the villagers has dramatically been improved.

Because of the presence of the Southwestern group in the migrant camps during the past few years with their primary emphasis of caring and love, the Seventh-day Adventist church membership has risen significantly in the more recent past. An evangelistic meeting at the Seventh-day Adventist church in Cabral during the weekend had about 30 persons express a real spritiual interest. The group is anticipating the possibility of a baptism later during the week.

Sunday was a beach day with some repairs being made to the bus.

Monday was another clinic. So far the group has seen over 400 persons.

The water purifier was installed on Tuesday.

Wednesday was another clinic day that saw over 330 people.

The group visited the village where the chuch building at been initiated last year. The walls had been completed, but funds were needed to complete the roof and pour a floor. This year there were sufficent funds for the completion of the church to be initiated during the next few months after this trip. Perhaps during the 2004 trip, the group can meet in this church for worship!

There have been a total of eight baptisms!

Sabbath was a real day of rest with visits to the Botanical Garden and a natural cave in the afternoon.

Sunday was finally a time for spring break at the beach!

The last morning, Monday, brought the usual early trip to the airport, then a flight to Miami and finally back to Texas, arriving about 4:40 in the afternoon. It was good to be home to see loved ones and friends.

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