Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 10 through Monday, March 21

In the previous six years the group worked in the south and the southwestern parts of the Domincan Republic. This year was the first time the area of the effort was in the northern portion of the country.

  • medical clinics
  • evening evangelistic series and "vacation bible school"

      Catherine Turner, R.N., Ph.D. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Miriam Fabriga, R.N. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
      Tony Torres, M.D.
    Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
      Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D.
      Etla Van Horne, R.N.
    Southwestern Students:
      Karina Alba
      Krystal Alba
      Celene Alvarez
      Monica Briscoe
      Jennifer Duke
      Melinda Jorge
      Tara Lamour
      Jorge Ortiz
      Sabrina Richardson
      Daniel Torres
    Other Participants:
      Vanessa Ball
      Paige Briscoe, R.N.
      April Chisholm
      Kari Gregg
      Zachary Knarr
      Shane Murray
      Regan Scherencel
      Susan Scherencel
      Dedra Torres
    Bus Master:
      Julio Ramirez

I did not go by myself—you sent us.
Regan Scherencel            


It was quite dark and quite early when the majority of the group assembled at the Nursing Building on the Southwestern Adventist University campus before the 4:00am bus departure to the DFW airport for a 7:00am flight to Miami then to Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic, arriving in the late afternoon.

Dr. Tony had left a few days before to purchase medicines, make arrangements for housing, and generally get everything organized. He was certainly joyed to see the group, including his bride Dedre, arrive safely and exit the immigration and customs area into the main airport!

The group stayed in Boca Chica the first night then had the adventure of a long bus ride to the area of Samaná Bay in the northern part of the country.

The first clinic was in the public school in the village of Juana Vincente. Over 280 persons were seen by the group.

The group took a break from the usual work for a boat trip out to see the gathering of humpback whales off the north coast.

The second clinic was in the village of Algo Robles.

The third clinic found the group in Rancho Español.

For the fourth and final clinic the group returned to Juana Vincente. In the four clinics over 1000 persons were helped.

Of course, the clinics were only part of the total activity. In Juana Vincente in the evenings Regan Scherencel presented a series of meetings to a packed church. These were primarily adults—there were craft and story activities for the children.

Besides these structured activities there was a day when some of the group took time to deliver clothing and shoes that had been donated by the people and churches of north Texas.

The last weekend found everone back in Boca Chica with Sunday a time for spring break at the beach and sight seeing!

The final morning, Monday, was a little more relaxed than such return days in previous years since the flight was not at dawn but early afternoon. The flight to Miami was uneventful, but things then became interesting with a missed connection, standby on a later flight, and other delays. Finally, all but three of the group were back in Texas around midnight! The other three returned Tuesday afternoon. It was great to be home!

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