Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 8 through Monday, March 19.

Once again this year the group returned to the north portion of the country. Besides the intense work and rewards of helping people experience Christian love, there is time for some relaxation: shopping, sightseeing at historical sites, and soaking rays on the beach!


  • medical clinics
  • evangelistic meetings
  • activities for the children
   Etla Van Horne, R.N. (SWAU Nursing Faculty)
Tony Torres, M.D.
 Southwestern Nursing Faculty:
   Penny Moore, R.N., Ph.D.
 Southwestern Students:
   Ericka Alegria
April Chisholm
Alondra Contreras
Alesia Draggon
Phoebe Eller
Tania Flores
Jenner Hernandez
Michelle Leon
Krystal Magsino
Jorge Mardones
Susy Morales
Andrea Moses
Carlos Pinto
Saray Prieto
Gabriel Rivas
Wilson Rivas
Marie Swaze
Donita Walton
Barry Westcott
 Other Participants:
   Bonnie Alegria, (SWAU staff)
Lyndon DeWitt
Sue DeWitt
Kaylee Engles
Margaret Eustace, R.N.
Joanne Hayes, R.N.
Margery Johnson
John Sygal, M.D. and other professionals from the Corpus Christi area joined the group in the Dominican Republic
 Bus Master:
   Julio Ramirez

For the past few years, each participant has been asked to raise $1000 to cover travel, food, housing, some medical supplies, and other expenses. Generally most have met this goal, and in a few cases slightly more. This year one of the participants raised over $2200—thank you Andrea!

When you help others, you help yourself grow in grace.
Tony Torres


Wednesday, 7 Mar 07, night was a short one with excited participants away to the airport in the wee hours of Thursday morning. After sitting on a plane, everyone found it great to strech their legs in the Puerto Plata airport. And it was even greater to see a friendly face upon emerging from immigration and customs. Dr. Tony had made the trek a few days previous to arrange for housing, transportation, and food as well as to purchase those all so important medical supplies.

The group stayed in a small hotel in Sosua which served as a base of operations.

During the few days spent in the Dominican Republic over 2000 people were treated in four clinics. An evangelistic series was held in the evenings in one of the churches with an average attendance of over 60. At the end nine of the attendees made a decision to accept Christ and be baptised.

The children were not neglected during these evening meetings. During the time of the evangelistic meetings around 80 children had their own "vacation Bible school" type activities.

Dr. John Sygal, donated a large plot of land to H.O.P.E. near Sosua. The future plans are to construct a permanent clinic on the site and, in the further future, other buildings so that this would become a base for the H.O.P.E. Dominican Republic trips each spring.

The work in the clinic and the evening meetings is exhausting. The group did take some time for 'R and R." The Sosua beach quickly became a favorite reenergizing place! Some of the group went snorkeling. There were local museum visits, and, of course, shopping!

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