Dominican Republic Mission


Thursday, March 8 through Monday, March 19
This year the group returned to the north side of the country, landing in Puerto Plata and staying in and working in region around Sosua.

Besides the intense work and rewards of helping people experience Christian love, there is time for some relaxation: shopping, sightseeing at historical sites, and soaking rays on the beach!


  • medical clinics
  • evening evangelistic meetings
  • evening activities for the children
   Lolita Valdez, R.N. (Southwestern Nursing Faculty)
Tony Torres, M.D.
 Southwestern Students:
   Amy Adlaon
Andrew Adlaon
Charlotte Clavecilla
Fenelle Derosin
Gilbert Dominguez
Samantha Garcia
Sarah Harris
So Vin Hin
Folake Iheanacho
Camille Marquez
Eddie Ortiz
Ashten Priest
Chichi Sabor
Linda Thach
Tiara Tyler
 Other Participants:
   Agnes Agyeman
Lisneida Arjona (Corpus Christi)
Lismarys Arjona (Corpus Christi)
Luis Arjona (Corpus Christi)
Lily Cababsag
Yoneida Calogero (Corpus Christi)
Collete Dente (McAllen)
Esther Dubosque
Jack Dubosque
Teo Espiritu, M.D. (Corpus Christi)
Elsa Galloza
Lorraine Gonzalez (McAllen)
Alanna James (McAllen)
Barbara Langley
Douglas Langley
Juan Sygal, M.D. (Corpus Christi)
Maria Sygal (Corpus Christi)
 Bus Master:
   Julio Ramirez

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.
Arthur Ashe      

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